The Deck House School - Edgecomb, Maine

PO Box 367, Edgecomb, Maine 04556
207-882-7055, Fax 207-226-2046
Mr. Tom Blackford
Head of School
(207) 441-7415 cell
Mr. Quincy Browne
Assistant Head of School
(207) 441-7171 cell

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Due to the size and nature of the School we are often able to create individual courses based on student interest or academic requirements.
A.P. Biology Anatomy English: Literature
A.P. Calculus Chemistry English: Writing
A.P. English Earth Science English: Theater
A.P. Physics Environmental Science English: Poetry
A.P. Statistics Marine Biology Anthropology
A.P. Studio Art Ocean Science Art History
Algebra I & II Oceanography European History
Geometry Food Science U.S. History
Pre Calculus Studio Art U.S. Government
A sample of courses offered in a typical term:

Because of our small size, a remarkable degree of personal attention is possible in the classroom. Our curriculum and standards are those of a rigorous boarding school with term papers and research projects being featured for all students.

The school offers an optional summer semester that runs from mid-June to the end of August. We are fully prepared to assist juniors and seniors with their College Boards, and are a College Board Test Center for the PSAT, SAT I, SAT IIs and AP Exams. We offer guidance in school, college and other post-secondary placements.

The Deck House School