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Mr. Tom Blackford
Head of School
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Assistant Head of School
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An abandoned graveyard in Edgecomb was also recently the focus of a community service project. Students cleaned up fallen branches and trash, cut trees and mowed weeds. They also researched the history of the cemetery using the Internet, State Archives and the local library. After learning that soldiers from the Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War were buried there, the students created a Memorial Day ceremony for the site.
Community service plays an important role in the mission of The Deck House School.
Community service is an integral part of a Deck House education. Two or three hours a week are spent in outreach activities such as hospital and nursing home visitation, local cleanup projects, and assisting town officials in various capacities. Recipients of this program have included The Red Cross, The Morris Farm Trust, The Wiscasset Snogoers snowmobile club, Lincoln County Animal Shelter, the food pantry at St. Andrew's Church in Wiscasset and Habitat for Humanity.

Staff and students recently donated thier time to the Boothaby Rotary's annual auction held on the town green. They helped to set up, move and catalog items, assist in the auction itself, help patrons find and pack their items and, when it was all over, help clean up. Together, our community helped the Rotary raise a record $41,000 that will be used to fund various community outreach projects.

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