The Deck House School - Edgecomb, Maine
While academics represent the bulk of a Deck House School student's day, every student is expected to participate in the non-academic aspect of the school as well. In addition to the planning and preparation of meals, the students and staff are also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the School. Students do have some time each day that they can call their own. This time is often spent doing laundry, creating in the art studio, exploring our mountain bike trails or simply relaxing.

Weekends present an opportunity for the community to be together outside the confines of campus. School-sponsored trips, ranging from apple picking to white water rafting, paintball to skiing and snowboarding take up Saturdays throughout the year. On Sundays arrangements can be made to attend church services, otherwise most students spend the day relaxing and participating in our various on-campus activities.

PO Box 367, Edgecomb, Maine 04556
207-882-7055, Fax 207-226-2046
Mr. Tom Blackford
Head of School
(207) 441-7415 cell
Mr. Quincy Browne
Assistant Head of School
(207) 441-7171 cell

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