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"Billy," despite his high intelligence testing, struggled at his public school because he didn't feel challenged, resulting in exness deteriorating grades. His lack of success led to high levels of anxiety which Billy dealt with by avoiding school while becoming engrossed in online video games. Billy was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and soon enrolled in a therapeutic boarding school. Once he completed his therapeutic program Billy enrolled at The Deck House School where he continued his therapy once a week with a local provider. He took what he learned in his therapeutic program, built on it with his therapist and put everything into practice in our small, structured and nurturing community. Our ability to exness thailand tailor the scope and breadth of our academic program allowed Billy to find the academic challenge he craved while our small size and emphasis on relationships & community allowed him to have the support he needed while learning to navigate complex and dynamic social situations.
"Andrew" came to us from a wilderness program where he spent time working on issues related to his marijuana use, impulsivity and sometimes oppositional nature. Before wilderness, Andrew was enrolled at a smaller New England boarding school where his ADD and executive functioning issues made larger classrooms difficult for him to navigate and his grades were suffering. When he enrolled at The Deck House School, Andrew was exness th able to maintain his sober lifestyle by making and maintaining positive peer relationships and worked to implement strategies he learned in wilderness in order to grow and hone his executive functioning skills. Our small size and opportunities for self-discovery allowed him to find and explore his love of music production, a career path he is exploring as he works with his educational consultant through the college application process.
Although there is no one type of student we enroll, these profiles give you an indication of the students who are typical to The Deck House School.
60% of our students come from private schools and 40% from public schools.

The average length of stay is one year.

80% of our enrollment has been referred to us by educational consultants, 15% by other schools and 5% from other sources.

50% of our students have been to a therapeutic wilderness program.

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