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experience with a professional - I worked at a local gas station and repair shop where I learned about engine repair, working as a team, good business practices and customer service. Looking back, I know The Deck House School is more than just a school, it's a family. Sure we don't always get along but we always resolve our problems because we all care about each other. Families want to see their family members succeed. Deck House is a family and looking back I know I couldn't have improved or succeeded nearly as much as I have without my Deck House family.
My name is Jack Livingston; I've been at The Deck House School for roughly two years. I came to The Deck House because I was doing poorly academically and I was frequently getting into arguments and even bigger trouble at the other schools I attended. When I came to The Deck House School I immediately noticed that it was unique. The classes were small, the staff was genuine and the students were actually enjoying themselves, but the school isn't just about getting good grades. They support you in everything you want to accomplish in and out of the classroom. They offer co-curricular activities, where you can learn about anything you want and get hands-on

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By Johnathan Livingston, Class of 2015

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